IT Equipment for Remote Work

University-sponsored travel has been suspended. Any personal travel is not advised at this time; however, if you choose to travel or work somewhere other than your home during this time, you are responsible for ensuring that your location is properly equipped for remote work, to include having reliable internet access.

In order to work effectively from home, you should have:

  • A GU-issued computer with a camera or a separate webcam, built-in microphone and speakers or a headset
  • Windows 10 1903 or macOS 10.14 or later
  • Reliable internet access

Staff are encouraged to take their desktop computers/monitors home. They are responsible for ensuring against damage, theft or loss and should notify their Department Administrator of items they are taking home. This will ensure an accurate inventory of all equipment and facilitate the return of equipment.

The proper return and disposal of equipment is essential for maintaining data security.

If a new desktop or laptop was ordered for a staff member and is in inventory, UIS will notify them to come make an appointment for pickup at Reiss Science Building.