Installing Zoom (iOS)

  1. Tap on the Apple App Store icon on your iOS device to open.
    iPhone App Store icon
  2. Tap on Search at the bottom right of your screen. 
  3. Enter Zoom in the search text box.
    Enter Zoom in app store search box
  4. Select ZOOM Cloud Meetings from the available app choices, and then tap on the GET button. 
    Click Download icon to install Zoom
  5. The install process will start.
    Zoom install progress indicator
  6. Tap Open.
    Tap Open
  7. In the Zoom app, tap Sign In.
    Tap on Sign In
  8. In the Sign In window, tap SSO
    Tap 'Sign in with SSO'
  9. Enter https://georgetown in the text box to complete the domain name, as shown below, then tap go.
    Verify domain is 'georgetown' and then tap 'go'
  10. In the Georgetown sign in page below, enter your NetID and NetID password, then tap Sign In. (In the example below, “jhoya123” is entered as the NetID.)
    Enter your NetID and password then tap 'Sign in'
  11. You will see the following Duo screen displaying a six-digit verification code:
    Duo screen showing six-digit code you must enter on your mobile device.
  12. On your mobile device, tap or swipe the Duo notification banner.
    Duo notification banner on your mobile device.
  13. From the following screen on your mobile device, enter the six-digit verification code, and then tap Verify.
    Duo screen on your mobile device on which you enter the six-digit verification code.
  14. If you see the following pop-up, tap Open.
    Tap 'Open'
  15. In the next window, tap Allow.
    Tap Allow
  16. In the next window, tap OK.
    Tap OK
  17. The Zoom main window will be displayed. 
    Zoom main window

    Zoom app icon should also appear on your Home screen.
    Zoom app on home screen

    You’ll now be able to join a Zoom meeting from your iOS device