• What is WestFax?
    WestFax is a cloud-based fax service that is integrated with Georgetown’s PaperCut print service. WestFax enables you to send and receive a fax from anywhere, any time. You can send and receive a fax either via email or from any PaperCut printer.
  • Who is eligible to get/use WestFax?
    Currently, Georgetown faculty, staff, and student employees are eligible to use WestFax.
  • How do I get WestFax?
    If your department has an existing fax number and you’ve let UIS know that you want to keep that fax number, then that number will be migrated automatically to WestFax. (Migration is expected in spring 2024.)

    Contact UIS to request a new fax number (if you never had one previously).
  • How do I send a fax?
    Click here for steps on how to send a fax from a printer on Georgetown’s PaperCut service. Click here for steps on how to send a fax using your Georgetown Gmail account.
  • How can I receive a fax?
    Click here for steps on how to receive a fax from a PaperCut printer.
  • What are the costs to fax using WestFax? How is my department billed for faxes?
    Each fax line is billed a flat monthly fee, and a small fee is assessed for each fax sent. Costs are billed at the campus level—departments are not billed directly.

    What file types can I send using email to fax?
    WestFax supports a wide range of file types: all Microsoft Office file formats, most image file formats, PDF, XML, and HTML.
  • Can I send/receive a fax containing sensitive data?
    Yes. WestFax is HIPAA-compliant. However, please note the following:

    • For receiving a fax: You must let UIS know if your department expects to receive any fax containing sensitive (e.g., HIPAA) data. UIS will then set up a secure Box folder for your department; any fax you receive will be placed in this folder.
    • For sending a fax: If the fax contains sensitive (e.g., HIPAA) data, you must send the fax via PaperCut.
  • How will I be notified when I receive a fax?
    When you receive a fax, you’ll receive an email notification from WestFax. This notification will be sent to everyone in your department’s fax Google Group. Click here for more information on receiving a fax.
  • How can I request fax service?
    You can request fax service by completing the eFax Services request form.