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Organizing and Scheduling Conferences and Events

Web Conferencing


Zoom is a tool that enables you to conduct online conferences, presentations, lectures, meetings, and group chats.  With Zoom, you can schedule an online meeting for the future or start an instant meeting.  You can join a meeting from your desktop or laptop computer (Windows and Mac), mobile device (iOS and Android), and even other conferencing platforms such as Polycom (H.323).  You can invite non-Georgetown participants to your Zoom sessions. 

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Questions? Please email: Zoom@georgetown.edu

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Adobe Connect Meeting

Adobe Connect Meeting is a Web conferencing tool that enables you to conduct live virtual meetings, such as webinars, presentations, and team meetings.  

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Audio Conferencing

Georgetown University's conference services are easy to use and provide flexible scheduling and enhanced multimedia services–all at a lower rate. Our service provider, PGi, offers several products to meet your conference needs. PGi offers three tiers of service: ReadyConference, PremierCall Auditorium and PremierCall Event.

Before you can use a PGi service, you need to request a Georgetown Conference Account


ReadyConference gives you a permanent dial-in number and pass code (printed on a personalized plastic wallet card) you can use anytime 24/7, and accommodates up to 300 participants. A scheduled ReadyConference/Globalmeet gives you a new dial-in number and passcode for every conference, and accommodates up to 300 participants; replay and record options are available when you reserve on the Web. Free setup and no monthly charge–pay only for the minutes you use. Rate: $0.073 per minute per caller.

  • Project Updates
  • Team Meetings
  • Executive Updates
  • Crisis Management Calls
  • Instant Meetings
  • Distance Education
  • Seminars and Briefs

To initiate a conference, call your ReadyConference/Globalmeet Plus dial-in number and key in your moderator passcode. Participants join the call by dialing your conference call number and entering the participant passcode you provided them.

Note that participants will be placed on hold until the moderator has joined the call.

PremierCall Auditorium

PremierCall Auditorium is a recent enhancement to the operator-assisted services. It combines the convenience of automated pass code access with operator-assistance for "listen-only" calls, accommodates up to 2000 participants. Features include: Dedicated Operator, Multiple Speaker Capability, Electronic Polling, and Q&A. Rate: $0.188 per minute per caller. 

  • Education Announcements
  • All Hands Meetings
  • Seminars and Briefs
  • News Conferences
PremierCall Event

PremierCall Event is an operator-assisted service for large conferences and high-profile events that accommodates thousands of participants. Features include: Professional Announcer, Dedicated Operator, Participant List, Recording, and Q&A. Rate: $0.262 per minute per caller.

  • Press Conferences
  • Distance Education
  • Training
  • Product Rollouts


Organizing and Scheduling Conferences and Events


You can also use Eventbrite to organize your conference. With Eventbrite, you can create a conference event, collect and manage registration fees, view registrants, and generate event reports. For more details about getting started with Eventbrite, click here to view our Eventbrite FAQ