Connecting to the GlobalProtect VPN (Windows)

Before You Can Connect

Before you can connect to the GlobalProtect VPN, make sure of the following:

  • If you will be connecting to the GlobalProtect VPN from on campus, you must be connected to the SaxaNet WiFi network.
  • You must be authorized to use the VPN. (Only faculty and staff approved to access the VPN are authorized to use it.)
  • You’ve previously installed the GlobalProtect VPN client.

Connecting to the GlobalProtect VPN

  1. Open the GlobalProtect VPN by clicking on the Windows Start menu and then selecting GlobalProtect from the application listing.
    Image of Global Protect VPN in Windows application listing.
  2. Click Connect in the pop-up window.
    Image of VPN being disconnected. Click 'Connect'.

    You should see the following message:
    Image of VPN message that it's connecting to your computer.
  3. At the Georgetown login prompt, enter your NetID and password, and then click Sign in.
    Image of GU login prompt. Enter your NetID and password, then click 'Sign in'.
  4. Approve the Duo authentication notification on your mobile device.
  5. If you see the following pop-up window, click Open GlobalProtect.
    Image of message asking if you want to open GlobalProtect VPN. Click 'Open GlobalProtect'.

    You’ll also see the following “Authentication Complete” message page:
    Message browser page that authentication is complete.

    You should then see the following confirmation message that you’re connected to the VPN.
    Image of confirmation message that you're now connected to the Global Protect VPN.