GURegistered Wireless Network

(Note:  Since GURegistered is not a secured network, the data is not encrypted, so a hacker could potentially listen in on a conversation, obtain personal information, or read your email or anything you print.)

GURegistered is a wireless network meant for devices that do not support the 802.1x protocol such as game consoles, wireless printers, smart TVs, and IoT (Internet of Things) devices.  This is an unsecured network that does not provide additional security beyond what is provided by the device you are using.

Devices that might be used to connect to GURegistered include gaming systems (e.g., Nintendo, Sony,  XBox); TV and streaming systems (Apple TV, Roku, Google Chromecast, smart TVs); and printers. 

GURegistered is available in residence halls to current Georgetown students, faculty, and staff, and is meant only for personal use (not for business devices, such as department printers).

Note: GURegistered does not support the Universal Plug and Play [UPNP] protocol. This may result in users being unable to join or host certain games on gaming consoles.

Before you can connect your device to the GURegistered network, you will need to register your device in GURegistered using your NetID credentials.