Wi-Fi Calling

Wi-Fi calling enables you to make calls, send text messages, and check voicemail on your mobile device over a WiFi network when you’re in an area where cell coverage is weak or not available. All the major carriers (AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile) offer Wi-Fi Calling.

With Wi-Fi Calling, your device will only route calls and texts when cellular coverage is limited or unavailable.

You can set up Wi-Fi Calling on a university-owned device or on your personal device. And there’s no charge for using Wi-Fi Calling with your existing phone plan. 

Getting Started

Before you can enable Wi-Fi Calling on your device, make sure: 

  • Your device is connected to a wireless network. 
  • Your device offers Wi-Fi Calling (Refer to Supported Devices
  • You read the details about Wi-Fi Calling for your carrier. (Details are available in the section Wi-Fi Calling Details by Carrier.) 

Wi-Fi Calling Details by Carrier

Visit the link(s) for your carrier for details and questions about Wi-Fi Calling. Note:  If you’re unable to locate your device as one of the devices offering Wi-Fi Calling, you can go to Settings and look for the Wi-Fi Calling option. 




Supported Devices


Wi-Fi Calling is supported on iPhone 6 devices or later.  


Wi-Fi Calling is available on most newer Android phones. To find out if Wi-Fi Calling is available on your device, go to Settings and look for the Wi-Fi Calling option. 

Enabling Wi-Fi Calling on Your iPhone

  1. Tap the Settings icon.
  2. From the Settings screen, tap on Phone.
  3. From the Phone screen, tap on Wi-Fi Calling
  4. From the Wi-Fi Calling screen, tap the slider to turn on Wi-Fi Calling on This Phone, and then tap Enable at the prompt. (Note:  You can disable Wi-Fi Calling at any time by tapping the slider again.)

    After a few moments, the Wi-Fi Calling welcome screen is displayed. 

  5. Tap Continue in the welcome screen.
  6. In the next screen, read through the information about Wi-Fi Calling, and then tap Continue
  7. In the next screen, enter your address. (You need to provide an address so that, in case you dial 911 using Wi-Fi Calling, emergency responders will know where to go if they can’t locate you.) Tap Verify address
  8. In the address verification screen, verify the address and then tap Use this address
  9. Tap OK in the next screen. 

Enabling Wi-Fi Calling on Your Android Device

  1. Tap on the Settings icon.
  2. Make sure the Networks tab is selected, and then tap on Call
  3. Tap on the slider next to Wi-Fi Calling so that ON is displayed. 
  4. In the next screen, tap on Connection preferences
  5. In the next screen, select the option Wi-Fi preferred
  6. In the next screen, tap in the selected area. 
    wifi calling ready for calls with a green button to the right of the text

    You should see the confirmation shown below.