Repairing Your Personal Computer

If you need to repair your University-issued computers, please contact your help desk. See below for information on repairing your personally-owned computer.

Problem Identification

UIS staff are able to diagnose some hardware problems and can recommend self repair options if your computer is not currently covered by a warranty.

The UIS Help Desk can assist with software problems. It is recommended that you get in contact with us for prompt assistance, especially if your computer is not covered for software support and you are asked to pay to talk to support staff when contacting the manufacturer.

Getting Help

Many computer problems (particularly those involving network connections and sudden crashes) are often only software-related. A consistent problem that appeared suddenly could be indicative of a hardware failure. Contact the UIS Help Desk, if you have questions regarding software problems.

  • Faculty and staff: For problems with your University-owned desktop or laptop, contact 202-687-4949 (please note, the help desk can not support non-standard personal computers).
  • Students: For computer-related problems, contact the UIS Service Desk.

The Help Desk can talk you through problems and simple remedies, as well as notify you of network-wide problems that might be affecting your machine. The Help Desk can further assist with certain software installations, customization, as well as answer general questions.

If you are a current student and your computer has a virus or other software problems, please contact the UIS Service Desk. We can also assist with data recovery should your computer not boot properly. Note: These services are not available for faculty and staff.

For Computers Under Warranty

Please contact your manufacturer. If your computer was purchased through UIS at Lenovo or Apple, your computer probably has a 3- or 4-year warranty if you chose a recommended bundle. You can check your warranty status on your manufacturer's Web site.

  • Apple Computers: call 800-800-2775 or contact Apple offices in Georgetown, Clarendon or Pentagon City. Before visiting, you should schedule an appointment online for your retail store's Genius Bar.
    • Apple Store Georgetown - 1229 Wisconsin Avenue NW
      Washington, DC 20007
      (202) 572-1460
      Walkable from Campus.
    • Apple Store Clarendon - 2700 Clarendon Blvd.
      Arlington, VA 22201
      (703) 875-9880
      Walkable from Metro.
    • Apple Store Pentagon City - 1100 South Hayes Street
      Arlington, VA 22202
      (703) 418-1092
      Walkable from Metro.
  • Lenovo Computers: Contact Tech Support at 1-703-738-8208.
For Non-Warranty Repairs

UIS is currently building a list of local vendors and needs your help with the recommendations. Here are the ones currently recommended based on previous business dealings:

  • Computerware:
    Tel: 703-738-8208
  • Mac Upgrades
    Tel: 301-907-0300
    6931 Arlington Road, Unit A
    Bethesda, MD 20814
  • Computer Plus
    Tel: 202-635-2500
    1621 Wisconsin Ave NW
    Washington, DC 20007
    Walkable from Metro.
  • Best Buy (Tenleytown):
    Tel: 202-895-1580
    Above Metro Station.
  • The Eggheads
    Tel: 888-344-6972
    On-Site Computer Service (Home or Office)