Repairing Your Personal Computer

If you need to repair your University-issued computers, please contact your help desk. See below for information on repairing your personally-owned computer.

Identifying Your Problem

UIS staff are able to diagnose some hardware problems, and can recommend self-repair options if your computer is not currently covered by a warranty.

The Georgetown University Service Center can assist with software problems. It is recommended that you get in contact with us for prompt assistance, especially if your computer is not covered for software support and you are asked to pay to talk to support staff when contacting the manufacturer.

Getting Help

For problems with your desktop or laptop computer, contact the GU Service Center or visit one of the UIS walk-up Service Desks.

  • Many computer problems (particularly those involving network connections and sudden crashes) are often only software-related. A consistent problem that appeared suddenly could be indicative of a hardware failure. Contact the GU Service Center at if you have questions regarding software problems.
  • We can also assist with data recovery should your computer not boot properly.

For Computers Under Warranty

If, after contacting the GU Service Center, or visiting a Service Desk, it is determined that you have a hardware issue, please contact your manufacturer. You can check your warranty status on your manufacturer’s Web site.

For Non-Warranty Repairs

UIS will provide its best opinion on the issue, but you should check with a computer repair center to confirm the issue and get an estimate for repair. In some cases, it will be cheaper to get a new computer (UIS can help you transfer your files).

The closest repair store is Computer Plus on Wisconsin Avenue and Q Street; however, please note that we don’t provide any endorsements.