Signing in to Zoom (Android)

  1. Tap on the Zoom app icon to open Zoom.
    Zoom Mobile app icon-Android
  2. In the Zoom window, tap Sign In
    Zoom Mobile app for Android welcome window.
  3. In the “Sign In” window, tap Continue with SSO.
    Tap 'Continue with SSO'. 
  4. If the following is displayed, make sure is entered in the pop-up window, then tap Continue.
    Make sure 'georgetown' is entered as domain name
  5. At the login prompt, enter your NetID and password, and then tap Sign in. (Note: In the example below, “jh123” is entered as the NetID.)
    Enter your NetID and password
  6. You should see the following screen telling you to enter a six-digit verification code on the mobile device you registered in Duo. (Note: Make sure you have your registered mobile device with you to enter the code. The code has been greyed out for security purposes.)
    Duo screen with verification code.
  7. From your mobile device, perform the following:
    1. Swipe or tap on the notification banner to open the Duo Mobile app.
    2. In the following screen, enter the six-digit verification code and then tap Verify. (NoteThe code has been greyed out for security purposes.)
      Duo screen on your mobile device on which you enter the six-digit verification code.
  8. If you see the following screen, tap the desired option.
    Duo image with options to choose whether this device is yours and if it is shared.
  9. The Zoom main window is displayed.
    Zoom mobile app for Android main screen.

You can now join a Zoom meeting on your Android device