Verify an Email From UIS

Subject: Urgent Fax Line Service Migration – Reply Needed

On Wednesday, January 3, UIS notified the university community of a phone system outage while our phone service provider completes a system update. After this system update, there is a possibility that faxes may not function as expected. We will send another fax alert once that system update has been completed, and we can assess the functionality of faxes. 

Please take immediate action by following the instructions below, to help ensure fax operations for your device after the migration. Over the next few months, UIS will be transitioning to a secure virtual fax solution. More information will be provided to you when this change occurs.  


  1. Please email to open a ticket and let us know the fax number where you received this, department(s), and primary contact(s) for the fax number so we can communicate directly with you with any updates regarding your device.
  2. Please also indicate if you receive faxes with HIPAA or other protected information so we can consider that when assessing the functionality of your fax machine.

Next Week

  1. Please respond to the second fax alert notification that will be sent out after the phone system maintenance is completed. Since we can see the status of faxes to know if they were successfully delivered or not, we may proactively reach out to the primary contact(s) of the number to alert them of the issue and the next steps, which currently include moving to a secure virtual fax service.

We apologize for the short notice and urgency of this message. Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

University Information Services