Data Security for Windows 7 End of Life

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Dear Members of the Georgetown Community,

This past Fall many of you were notified that as of January 2020, Microsoft will no longer support its Windows 7 operating system. Computers running Windows 7 will become increasingly unsafe as unpatched vulnerabilities are identified and exploited.

UIS and other Georgetown technology service providers are working with faculty and staff to upgrade or replace computers issued by the University that are still using the Windows 7 operating system. We continue to work with campus technology service providers to update all lab, library and classroom computers.  

If you have access to critical data and are using a Windows 7 computer, UIS will reach out to you in January to coordinate remediation.

If you use a personally-owned Windows 7 or older computer, and will not be able to upgrade or replace your computer before the end of January, please contact (new window) as soon as possible, so that we may work with you to minimize risks to your data.

Thank you for your cooperation and support in our efforts to ensure a secure university computing environment. If you have any questions, please contact the Georgetown University Service Center at

Judd Nicholson
Vice President for Information Technology and CIO