Computer Labs

Computer Labs and Kiosks

UIS operates a variety of computing facilities on the Main Campus from Internet Kiosks to Lab Workstations.

These facilities offer a wide variety of hardware and software options to meet your academic computing needs.

Click here for a list of the labs and kiosks.

Printing to Lab Printers

Printers are available in many residence halls with devices capable of printing, copying, and scanning in academic buildings and libraries.

Student Printing Instructions

You can now print easily to any h.Print device with just a few taps or clicks!

Print from your laptop, desktop, Android or iOS tablet or phone.

Publicly Available
Hardware and Software

List of hardware and software available in UIS-managed public computing labs and kiosks.

Faculty members can request changes to lab software.

Need Help?

If you have any questions, please contact the Georgetown University Service Center.

Password Change Requirement

The University Information Security Office mandates periodic NetID password changes.  In order to maintain uninterrupted access, please change your password when you receive the email reminder.

New to Georgetown?

Be sure to change your password from the default to ensure access to University computers, SaxaNet Wireless, and more.

Locked Out?

If you forgot or failed to change your NetID password, if you are enrolled in password station you can get access back quickly by answering your security questions.

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