Turnitin Plagiarism Review

This tool is only available in Canvas Assignments, and when the submission type is set to “Online” and “File Uploads.” It will generate Turnitin Similarity Reports and spelling/grammar suggestions (if ETS e-rater is enabled) on student submitted files. The Canvas SpeedGrader is used to access the reports, enter student grades, and add inline comments.

Note: This option does support group assignment submissions in Canvas.

Create a Turnitin Plagiarism Review Assignment

  1. Access your course in Canvas
  2. Click on Assignments
    click assignments on course menu
  3. Click on +Assignment
    click plus assignment button
  4. Enter Assignment Name [1], Instructions [2], Points [3], Select the Assignment Group [4], Select the Grading Type from the Display Grade as [5]
    add assignment details
  5. Set Submission Type to Online and select File Uploads
    submission type menu
  6. Scroll down to the Plagiarism Review box and select Turnitin
    enable plagiarism review
  7. Review and adjust the Turnitin settings (as necessary)
    Learn more about the submission storage options
    Learn more about customizing the Similarity Report settings

    Turnitin Settings
  8. Select when (or if) to show students their Originality Reports
    Learn more about setting Similarity Report availability

    Report options for students
  9. Scroll down to the Assign box, and click on Assign to and select Everyone (or the applicable course sections, groups, and/or students) [1], set a Due Date [2], and optional Available from/Until Date [3]. Note: Setting an Until Date will restrict students from accessing the assignment and viewing inline comments made through SpeedGrader.
    assignment due dates
  10. Click on Save or Save and Publish
    save assignment

Allow Late Submissions

Late submissions are governed by Canvas. By default, Canvas allows unlimited assignment submissions to be before and after the due date. Learn how to limit assignment submissions attempts.