Claiming Your Adobe Acrobat Enterprise License

If you haven’t already done so, you must submit a request for an Adobe Acrobat Pro enterprise license by completing the Adobe Acrobat Pro Request Form.) You can claim your license once you receive an invitation email from Adobe.

Note: If you haven’t received the invitation email, check your Spam folder. If the email isn’t there either, contact the Georgetown Service Center by going to

IMPORTANTIf you’re switching to the Adobe Acrobat Pro enterprise account from an old GU Adobe account (e.g., Adobe VIP account), be sure to first download any files you might have created and saved in the older Adobe account.

  1. Click on the Getting Started button in the invitation email you received from Adobe.
    Click 'Get Started' in the Adobe license invitation email
  2. In the Adobe screen, click Company or School Account. (NoteYou might also see a Personal Account option listed. This option means you have [or had] another Adobe account that’s still in Adobe’s records, or Adobe automatically created a generic free account for you. If the latter, this is an account you won’t need to access.)
    Select 'Company or School Account'
  3. At the GU login prompt, enter your NetID and password, and then click Sign in. (NoteMake sure you have your mobile device on hand to verify your identity in Duo.)
    Enter your NetID and password at GU login prompt, then click 'Sign in'

    You should see the following screen showing a six-digit verification code.
    Duo screen showing six-digit code you must enter on your mobile device.
  4. Tap or swipe the Duo notification banner on your mobile device.
    Duo notification banner on your mobile device.
  5. From your mobile device, enter the six-digit verification code on the screen show below and then tap Verify.
    Duo screen on your mobile device on which you enter the six-digit verification code.

    You’ll see the Adobe Acrobat Pro main page displayed, as shown below.
    home page for Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

    From the Adobe Acrobat Pro main page, you’ll be able to install Adobe Acrobat Pro on your computer.