Software Purchases Institutional

Before you make any software purchase decision, remember that you may be able to obtain certain common computer programs either at a discount or for free. 

If the software you need is not listed in the GU software webstore for faculty and staff as being free, Adobe, Microsoft, and many other products are available from CDW-G or another Georgetown University partner for a discount. If you have questions, please contact UIS and we will be able to direct you in the right direction.

Getting a Quote

CDW-G carries many products and when searching, there may be many that have a similar description, but differ in price. In order to be sure to get the correct product and prevent a delay in your order, UIS recommends that you utilize our CDW-G representatives to get a quote before making a purchase.  You will find their contact information at the bottom of the main Georgetown University CDW-G Web page.  Alternatively, if you do not need a price quote before ordering, you may go ahead and order the software directly from CDW-G by clicking here using your personal account. 

Institutional purchases using University funds are open to departments and individual GU faculty and staff with spending authority for capital equipment. All purchasers must provide a valid GU budget number and abide by all University procurement regulations (see the Consolidated Billing Policy). 


You may purchase software packages directly on your PROCard, but as with all software purchases, you are responsible for retaining a copy of the license agreement. You should always check the UIS page on obtaining software to ensure that you are not purchasing something that has already been funded by the University or made available at a special educational volume discount. The University further offers a preferred relationship with CDW-G for on-line purchases at competitive prices.