LastPass FAQ—Service Changes

What is LastPass?

LastPass is a password manager that securely stores your passwords and personal information in a secure vault. As you visit apps and sites, LastPass auto fills your login credentials. All you have to do is remember your LastPass master password, and LastPass will autofill logins for you. Click here for more information about LastPass

What is changing with LastPass service?

In 2019, Georgetown offered LastPass password manager Premium accounts at no cost to the university community. Georgetown has since made the decision not to renew this contract due to the loss of another contract that gave our organization a discount on these LastPass services. 

Who is affected by this change?

This change affects anyone at Georgetown: students, faculty, staff, affiliates, and MedStar employees who signed up for LastPass with an active Georgetown ( email address. 

When will these changes take place?

The contract ended in April 2020.

I registered for LastPass using my Georgetown account, what will happen with my LastPass service?

If you registered for a “free” LastPass account, your account will still remain (no changes to Free accounts). If you had a “Premium” LastPass account, those accounts will be changed to a Free account.

My Premium/Enterprise account was changed to a Free account, what does this mean?

Your account being changed to a Free account will still enable you to use LastPass, and your passwords will still be saved. However, you will no longer be able to share an item with multiple persons, if you’ve set that up. (In the Free account, you’ll be able to share an item with one other person.)  

I have a personal Premium LastPass account, do these changes affect me?

No, your personal Premium LastPass account is not affected unless you switched your personal account to a Georgetown Premium/Enterprise account. If you set up password sharing, that feature will no longer be available. However, any passwords already shared will still be available.

I never signed up for a LastPass account using my Georgetown email address, does this change in LastPass service affect me?

If you never had a LastPass account with your Georgetown email address, this change doesn’t affect you, even if you have a LastPass account (Free, Premium, or Families) using another email address. 

Can I upgrade to a LastPass Premium account on my own?

Yes. You’ll just need to do this using a non-Georgetown email address. 

My LastPass account is tied to my Georgetown email address (, but I just left the university. Will I still have my LastPass account? 

If you’re a student who graduated from Georgetown, your account will stay with you. If you’re a staff or faculty member who has left the university, you will need to create a new LastPass account using another email address. 

Who can I contact for help with the LastPass changes or if I have questions?

You can contact the University Information Security Office at security @