Right Related Content

This content will appear on the page’s right side. It is a list of links that can go to either internal or external pages. 

To post content:

1. Go to New Draft > Additional Content Areas > Right Related Content.

2. Fill the fields with the desired links. 

  • Internal links:
    • If the page you would like to link to already exists, begin typing the name of the page you want to link to. The name of the page will appear in a drop-down menu. Click the desired page.
  • If the page you would like to link to has not yet been created, click the green circle to the right.

  • Click General Page.

Create General Page

  • Fill the Title and URL fields, and add any other content you would like. Publish and Save.

  • External links: Click the green circle. Click External Link. Fill the Title and URL fields. Click Save. 

3. Publish and save.