Printing a Document from an Android Device

Step 1: Install and configure Xerox mobile app
Step 2: Launch your document from Box, Gmail, Drive, or other application 
Step 3: Submit document to print queue
Step 4: Go to the printer and release (print) document

Install and configure the Xerox Mobile App

You’ll use the Xerox Mobile app, called Xerox Mobile Print Portal, to print documents from your device. (Note: You don’t need to be connected to SaxaNet to install the app.)

  1. Open Google Play.
  2. From Google Play, search for “Xerox Print Portal”.
  3. Look for the app listing with this Xerox logo , and then tap Install to start the download process. 
  4. Once the app has installed, tap OPEN to launch the app. 
  5. In the “Xerox Terms of Use” screen, tap I Agree to accept the usage terms. 
  6. In the next screen, enter your Georgetown e-mail address and then tap Next. 
  7. In the “Welcome” screen, tap “Retrieve Confirmation Number”. A message will be displayed that a confirmation number has been sent to your e-mail account. Tap OK. 
  8. Check your Georgetown e-mail account for the message. 
  9. Open the message, which contains “Retrieve Confirmation Number” in the subject. You should see the confirmation number in the message body. 
  10. Enter your confirmation number in the Xerox Mobile Print app and then tap Done or Next. The help screen will be displayed.

Submitting a Document for Print

You will need to first submit your document for printing before you can print the document. Your document will be placed into a university-wide print queue until you’re ready to print it.

  1. Open the document you want to print from your application (e.g., Box, Georgetown Gmail, Google Drive). (Mobile versions of Box and Google Drive are available from the App Store.)
  2. Tap Open in (you may have to tap on your document to display this button), and then tap Open in Print Portal. Or just tap Open in Print Portal, if this option is displayed first. This opens the Xerox Print Portal with a list of nearby printers.
  3. On the “Print Job” screen:
    • Tap the document listing for a print preview.
    • Select the printer to which you want to print your document. (You should see a list of printers available to you, depending on your location.)
    • Select the number of copies to print, printing options, and page size.
  4. Tap Print when you’re done. The document will be uploaded to the selected printer. You should then see a message that your print job was submitted successfully. Tap OK. 
  5. (Optional) If you want to delete your print job from the queue, just swipe the document listing to the left, tap Delete and then tap Delete Document.    

Printing (Releasing) Your Document

  1. At the printer, either swipe your GOCard in the reader by the printer, or scan the QR code by the printer using the Usher app.
  2. Once you’re authenticated, you should see your print job listed on the keypad. Select your print job. Your print job should start printing.