License Details

Georgetown University’s Main Campus and Medical Center have both agreed to fund an annual, campus-wide software license for MATLAB and Simulink, provided by MathWorks. This software provides a programming and development environment specifically configured for complex statistical analysis and interpretation of complex data sets from a variety of sources (medical images, sound recordings, and financial data).

Working within the MATLAB environment is facilitated by the use of toolboxes that contribute pre-designed portions of code towards specific purposes. All toolboxes are available to you in the Georgetown TAH MATLAB license.

If you require any toolboxes that are not part of the campus license, you may purchase them individually and attach them to the Georgetown licensed software. If you need multiple copies of a toolbox, please contact the Service Center for a referral. There are additional discounts available for purchases of multiple copies of a toolbox.

MathWorks’s site has resources to assist you in teaching and research using MATLAB:

If you require assistance or training on how to use MATLAB, please contact the Service Center for a referral.

You may contact MathWorks directly for installation and configuration assistance at 508-647-7000 option 2, or e-mail