LastPass FAQ

What is LastPass?

LastPass is a password manager that securely stores your passwords and personal information in a secure vault. As you visit apps and sites, LastPass autofills your login credentials. All you have to do is remember your LastPass master password, and LastPass will autofill logins for you.

Why should I use LastPass?

There are many reasons to consider using LastPass:

  • Convenient. You only need to remember one master password to access all your online accounts—LastPass remembers all your account passwords for you.
  • Secure. LastPass encrypts all your passwords. LastPass never has the key to your encrypted data, so your information is available to you, and only you. Your vault is encrypted with bank-level, AES 256-bit encryption.
  • Device and Platform Independent. You can use your account passwords on any platform or device—Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and on the Web (LastPass Web site).
  • Changes Synced. Any changes you make to account passwords are synced to each device and platform on which you have LastPass installed. So if you change an account password on your Mac, LastPass will sync your change on your iPhone.
  • Widely Used. LastPass is used by many organizations, including higher education institutions, corporations, and non-profits, as well by millions of individuals.
  • Free. LastPass is free for anyone (students, faculty, alumni, staff, and associates) at Georgetown with an active email address.
Who is eligible for a LastPass account?

All students, faculty, alumni, staff, associates, and MedStar employees who have an active email address are eligible for a LastPass account.

Am I required to sign up for LastPass?

Not at all. Signing up for LastPass is completely up to you! You can create a LastPass account at any time.

How does LastPass work?

Click here for information on how LastPass works.

Is LastPass safe? Are my passwords secure? 

Yes. LastPass uses military- and bank-level AES-256 bit encryption. And all your data is encrypted locally (on your device), so LastPass cannot access your data or your passwords. LastPass will not even have access to your LastPass master password. 

How does LastPass work with Duo? 

Duo works the same with LastPass as it always has been working. If you use LastPass, you’ll still need to make sure you have your mobile device on hand to approve authentication to GU online services.  

How do I get started with LastPass?

To get started with LastPass:

  1. Create a Georgetown LastPass account and then create a strong master password.
  2. Install LastPass (you’ll be prompted to install the LastPass extension for your browser when you create your LastPass account): 
    • Install the LastPass browser extension for each Web browser you use on your personal and university-owned computers.
      (Note If you have a Mac computer, you may want to consider using the LastPass Universal Mac Installer, which will install secure extensions for all your installed Web browsers. Similarly, if you have a Windows computer, you can use the LastPass Universal Windows Installer.) 
    • Install the LastPass mobile app (Apple App Store for iPhone/iPad, Google Play Store for Android) on each mobile device (personal and/or university-owned) you want to use with LastPass so you can log in to your sites with those devices. (Important: You may encounter login problems on any device on which you haven’t installed LastPass.) 
  3. Log in to LastPass. (Note If you’re enrolled in Duo, make sure to have your mobile device on hand to approve the authentication.) 
  4. Log in to your online accounts using LastPass.
    (When prompted, you can save your user name and password for that account to your LastPass Vault; LastPass will autofill your credentials next time you log in to that site.)
Can I use LastPass with my mobile device?

Yes. You can use LastPass with iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android, and Windows Phone mobile device platforms. Just download and install the LastPass mobile app for your device (Apple App Store for iOS, Google Play Store for Android). 

How do I create a LastPass account?

Click here for steps on how to create a LastPass account.

What if I already have a LastPass account?
  • If you have a LastPass Free account, you will be able to convert that account to a Georgetown account (Premium LastPass account) when you create a Georgetown LastPass account.   
  • If you have a LastPass Premium account, you will no longer need to pay for that accouunt (the Georgetown LastPass account is a free Premium account). Once you convert that account to a Georgetown account, you will be able to cancel your automatic payments for your Premium account.  
  • If you have a LastPass Families account, we recommend not signing up for a Premium account since the LastPass Families account has more benefits than the Premium account. 

Important If you have an existing LastPass account that is associated with your Georgetown ( address, you will need to create a new, free LastPass account that is associated with your personal email address and transfer your saved data from your existing LastPass account to your new personal account. To upgrade to a Georgetown Premium LastPass account, perform the following steps: 

  1. Export your current LastPass account’s data
  2. Create a new, free LastPass account using your personal, non-Georgetown email address. This will be used as your new, non-Georgetown LastPass personal account. 
  3. Import your exported data into the new LastPass account.  
  4. Convert your new LastPass account to a Georgetown LastPass Premium account
What’s the difference between the LastPass Free and LastPass Premium accounts?

Click here for a feature comparison of LastPass Free and LastPass Premium accounts

What should I do if I forget my LastPass master password? 

If you forget your master password, you will need to perform the steps for the LastPass account recovery process. (ImportantNeither LastPass support nor the Service Center will be able to reset your password.) 

Note Make sure you’ve logged in to LastPass at least once on the computer and Web browser you use to perform the account recovery. 

Where do I go for more information about LastPass?

For more information about LastPass, and for extensive help resources, you can visit the LastPass help support site. You can also check out the LastPass help videos.  

I need help with LastPass, who can I contact for assistance?

You can contact the LastPass help desk by submitting a trouble ticket from the LastPass ticket support page