Domain Name Requirements

Only departments and administrative offices of Georgetown University are eligible to apply for domain names. All applications are reviewed by the Office of Communications and UIS.

Please review our Domain Name Service (DNS) request guidelines before requesting your domain.

  • Domain names must be appropriate under the Computer Systems Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Non-Georgetown domains will not be managed by UIS. Example: will not be resolved by UIS DNS servers or UIS web servers. You should work with your domain provider to configure the domain.
  • Georgetown domain names will only be pointed to UISO and Web Services-approved hosting servers. Example: will not be forwarded to external hosting like
  • All new domains will be reviewed by the Office of Strategic Communications and UIS Web Services.
  • If the domains are under another domain, they will also need approval from that area’s communications. Example: would need to be reviewed by GUMC Office of Communications.
  • Domain names that may be needed by another department require the approval of the appropriate groups. Example: will not be granted without the approval of the English Department.
  • Domain names may not be too broad or misleading. Example: is too broad to be granted to an individual academic department.
  • Domain names will not be granted for individual persons. Example: will not be granted for John Smith’s personal web site.
  • Student organizations are not eligible for domain names, and should work with the Center for Student Engagement to add or update their organization on Hoyalink.
  • Domain names may not contain dates for one-time events.
  • Domain names are limited to 20 characters, before
  • Each domain name must use either acronyms, initialisms, or full words. Example: will not be granted; use
  • Domain names must consist of only numbers and letters. Domain names for internal servers may also include hyphens (“-“), but the domain name cannot begin or end with a hyphen. Example: will not be granted if this domain is meant to be accessible to the public.
  • Domain names may not be slogans or taglines.
  • Domain names may not contain trademarked brand names.
  • Domain names that are clearly repetitive will not be granted. Example: is one of many similar names; a better alternative would be
  • A second domain name starting with www will not be created. Example: if your request for is approved, an additional domain will not be created.