Disclaimer for Georgetown Wireless Networks

Georgetown University offers free access to the Internet for current Georgetown University students, faculty, and staff, as well as for any persons visiting the university. This service is provided via the GURegistered and GUGuest wireless (WiFi) networks.

Please note that the GUGuest and GURegistered networks are unsecured and, therefore, more susceptible to compromise. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you not transmit or communicate any sensitive information (e.g., personal or university information, financials records, or other legal or academic data) over these networks. Georgetown University is not responsible for the theft or malicious use of any such data transmitted over these networks. (Note:  For a secure Internet connection and to conduct University-related business, you should use the SaxaNet wireless network.) 

You are responsible for making sure that any devices you use to connect to the wireless network contain the proper security settings and software (e.g., anti-virus software), and that the security software is up to date.

GUGuest is to be used expressly by visitors to the university. In order to use GUGuest, you will be required to create a temporary guest account. When you create the guest account, you’ll be sent a temporary username and password. You then log in to the GUGuest network each time you connect using this username and password. Your GUGuest account will be valid for 12 hours after you create the account; after the 12-hour period, the account (and associated username and password) will be deleted automatically. To connect to GUGuest again after the 12-hour period, you’ll need to create a new account; this new account will also be valid for 12 hours. Once it’s removed, your account information will not be saved or stored by Georgetown University.

GURegistered is for the express use of gaming (e.g., Nintendo, Xbox), streaming (e.g., Apple TV, Google Chromecast, smart TVs), or printers, ones that do not contain login screens. To use GURegistered, you’ll need to register your device and entering information about that device.

In using the Wi-Fi networks at Georgetown, you agree to abide by Georgetown’s Acceptable Use Policy and the Georgetown University Information Security Policy.

If you need any assistance connecting to the network, please contact the Georgetown University Service Center at help.georgetown.edu.