The initial phases of the enterprise reporting system will support longitudinal data analysis across PeopleSoft and Workday. In later project stages, student, human resources, and advancement data will be added to this platform.

During the initial phase for finance, a series of reports will be released that may be useful for financial analysis related to the journal information that is located in Workday. The enterprise reporting environment will pull data from Workday nightly. Late in 2014, the reports will bridge to the PeopleSoft data for FY13-FY14. This will allow users to perform year over year and quarter over quarter analyses.

IBM’s Cognos is the tool used by Georgetown employees to consume data from the enterprise reporting environment. Cognos enables users to view student reports from the Banner INB database and Finance/HR reports from GMS Workday.

Access to Cognos is granted based on your role. Cognos Reporting Access Request Forms available at http://security.georgetown.edu/services/.

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, creates a private and secure communications channel between your computer and the Cognos server.

The latest versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer may be used. Safari and Chrome are not compatible with Cognos.

You can access the Enterprise Reporting System by going to https://gureports.georgetown.edu. You log in with your NetID and password.

Users have been granted access to view financial data in Cognos based on their roles. Data Stewards have determined the level of access appropriate for each role, and security has been implemented so that data can be viewed for specific campuses and schools. As such, certain prompts within the reports may be limited based on security. Broader access is made available to certain users responsible for university-wide reporting.