Calendar: Submitting a New Event

Any member of the Georgetown community may submit an event to be shared on and additional Georgetown websites. You can access the calendar system at

Below you will find the steps on how to submit a new event to the and additional Georgetown websites’ calendars.

Submitting an Event

  1. Go to and you will be forwarded to a login page where you need to log in with your NetID if you are not already logged in.
  2. Alternatively, you will see a link for “Add a New Event” on the main events page.  
Submit an Event
  1.  You will then be directed to the event submission form.
Events submission form

Submission Form Fields

  1. Contact Information: The person, program, organization, department, school, etc. contact name and email. This is who attendees could contact with questions. This displays on the public event listing.
  2. Event Details
    1. Event Title: The title of the event.
    2. Primary Host: The school or department that is hosting the event. This displays on the public event listing.
    3. Additional Hosts: Additional schools or departments that are also event hosts. This displays on the public event listing.
    4. Other Host: If your department or organization is not in the drop-down list of hosts, enter it here. This is a text field so it will display as you type. It will not display on the public event listing but provides additional information for event managers.
  3. Start Date & End Date: The date in which the event takes place.
  4. Start Time & End Time: The time in which the event takes place.
  5. All Day: If the event takes place all day, the box.
  6. Repeat Event: If the event is recurring, such as a series, select the frequency of the event.
  7. Location: This is where the event takes place. This is a text field so it will display as you type.
  8. Event Category: The type of event. This displays on the public event listing. If the event could be a part of more than one category, contact
  9. Audience: Which audience(s) the event is for.
  10. Cost: How much the event costs. This is a text field so it will display as you type it.
  11. Links: If there is more information about the event, you can add links here (e.g. a link to tickets, a link to an RSVP page).
  12. Event Promotion
    1. Description: Some brief information about the event. This will display as the main body of the public event listing.
    2. When you reach the question, “Would you like for this event to be considered for promotion on the main Georgetown University events page?”
      1. If you choose Yes, the event will appear on the Events page if the event is approved by the Office of Public Affairs. You can contact the Office of Public Affairs at
      2. If you choose No, the event will only appear on the host(s) Georgetown website(s) if the event is approved by the host department(s).
  13. Event Image: This will be the banner image of your event. The recommended image size for the featured image is 2000px x 1125px, or a ratio of 16:9. We discourage the use of an image that has text in it, such as an advertising banner. The text may be cropped and rendered unreadable. If you do use an image with text, make sure you add Alt Text for accessibility.
  14. Once the form has been filled out, click the “Submit a New Event” button.
  15. The event will then be reviewed and published to the appropriate websites.

Need Assistance?

Contact with any questions about event submissions.