Current MATLAB Users

If you have an existing MathWorks account under your Georgetown e-mail address you will need to sign in to the MathWorks site and associate the Georgetown license with your account. These instructions can be found here.

As long as the campus license remains in place, current MATLAB users will no longer be responsible for annual maintenance fees. This means that users will always be able to upgrade to the most recent version of MATLAB and the core toolboxes as they are released.  Additionally, current users will be able to expand the number of installed copies in labs/research areas without having to buy additional licenses for expanded usage. However, this software license is limited to faculty or staff members of the university (including paid graduate students).

If there is overlap between the existing MATLAB licenses and the campus license, existing licenses will be placed in storage. This means that the remaining term of any pre-paid maintenance (about three months) will be put on hold. If in the future, the campus license is discontinued, any maintenance held in storage will again become available. As part of this storage process Mathworks requests that you discontinue use of currently held licenses and switch over to the campus license. UIS staff are available to assist with the licensing switch if needed. Any licenses that have fallen off maintenance will not be placed in storage.

If users have toolboxes that are not included in the core set covered by the campus license, those will be available for continued use with the campus license. As in the past, users can renew maintenance on these toolboxes annually. Normal purchasing procedures can be used to acquire other toolboxes that are not part of the core set – they will function with the campus licensed software.

For any additional questions about this transition or how it impacts current licensing, please contact the Georgetown University Service Center by going to