Hoya Hacks 2023

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Georgetown University will host its 9th annual Hoya Hacks on January 27-29 at the Healey Family Student Center

Hoya Hacks is Georgetown’s annual hackathon, or technology innovation event. Hundreds of students, from both Georgetown and other higher education institutions,  are expected to participate. 

For the competition, teams of 2-4 students work for 36 hours over 3 days to collaborate, build, and innovate in both hardware and software to develop their entries. All entries must be built around a theme. (The theme for Hoya Hacks is doing social good, and each team must incorporate this theme in its entry.) At the end of the competition, entries will be judged, and winners will receive money and other prizes. 

Student participants come with a wide range of design and coding skills. Any student with an interest in technology can attend Hoya Hacks; a student isn’t required to be a programmer or a Computer Science major to participate. Hoya Hacks will also hold workshops and talks for students who want to learn new tools and skills. The Hoya Hacks Website also provides information for anyone new to hacking.

This year’s Hoya Hacks is the first since 2020 to be held in person, but there is also an option to participate virtually.

The keynote speakers for Hoya Hacks 2023 are Rohit Bhargava and Neil Shah. Rohit is a bestselling author, speaker, and Georgetown adjunct professor of marketing and storytelling. Neil is a software developer and tech entrepreneur, and is the CEO of DC-based ThinkNimble, which partners with startups and socially-focused organizations.

Hoya Hacks was originally founded in 2015 by Taylor Wan (COL ’16) and Casandra Schwartz (COL ’16), with the goal of creating solutions to life’s everyday problems through hardware or software.

For more information, visit the Hoya Hacks Website or email hoyahaxa@georgetown.edu. Click here to register for Hoya Hacks or to sign up to be a Hoya Hacks judge.