Marty Johnson

Marty Johnson, Chief Engineer, UIS

Marty Johnson is the Chief Engineer for Georgetown University Information Systems, where he ensures technical efficacy of the services and solutions that our teams implement as we modernize the technological infrastructure that supports Georgetown’s academic mission of teaching, learning and research in our increasingly connected world.

Marty first came to Georgetown in 2003 as a Systems Administrator tasked with stabilizing our homegrown email system, which resulted in the development of design patterns that were used to stabilize other homegrown systems and establish the technology infrastructure that supports Georgetown University in Qatar.

Over the course of his tenure at Georgetown, Marty has primarily focused on collaboration services, Identity and Access Management (including a coherent and distributed authentication system and physical access controls), and migration of services to SaaS and IaaS providers while serving as a principal technical advisor/troubleshooter across our portfolio of services.

Marty is currently focused on revolutionizing Georgetown’s Identity and Access Management system and establishing a dynamic network segmentation capability for our user endpoints.

A graduate of The George Washington University, holding a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the School of Engineering and Applied Science, Marty’s history prior to coming to Georgetown includes contributions to the development of real-time distributed simulation capabilities as a member of a series of DARPA joint projects and operating system level development of High Availability Network Attached Storage systems for a series of small entrepreneurial companies.