Manual Configurations

If you are unable to connect to the internet, you can manually configure your computer’s network settings. This page is recommended for users with an intermediate to advanced knowledge of computers and networking.

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

This is the most important setting. Computers must be configured to use DHCP, that is to obtain an IP address automatically. The university does not issue static IP address to students.

Domain Name Server (DNS)

Usually DNS does not need to be enabled; DNS information can be obtained automatically from the DHCP server. If you cannot connect to websites outside of Georgetown’s, you may find that you need to enable it. These are the settings:

  • Hostname:
  • Domain:
  • DNS Servers: and
  • Domain Suffix:
Gateway/Default Router

There should be no gateways installed. If there are (this is usually the case for computers that have been previously configured for a static IP address), they should be removed.

Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS)

WINS Resolution may be disabled. If you wish to enter WINS Resolution information, the server addresses are and

AppleTalk (Mac)

You do not need to have AppleTalk enabled to connect to the Georgetown network. However, it is not detrimental to your connection to have it enabled.