Main Campus DTR Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date Description
11/15/18 Blackboard to Canvas Transition, Panopto, Duo, Verizon Upgrade, Xerox
2/20/18 CETS, Network Upgrade Project, Computer Replacements, Printing
2/2/18 WiFi Upgrade, Security, SSNs, Enhanced Patching Program, Xerox/h.Print
7/18/17 Computer Replacements, Network Upgrade, Ransomware, Amazon
5/23/17 Scheduled Maintenance, Network Upgrade, TLISI, Four Winds
3/21/17 Password Change, Password Station, Xerox, Computer Replacements
2/21/17 Verizon Partnership, Duo, Computer Purchasing, EFS
7/7/16 Duo Information, Updates and Answers to your Questions
6/9/16 Security, Computer Replacements and Updates
5/12/16 TLISI, Bookstore and other Updates
4/14/16 Instructional Continuity and Dell Updates
3/10/16 CETS, CrashPlan and Windows 10 Updates
2/11/16 Billing, Wave and CrashPlan Updates
1/14/16 TSS, CrashPlan, and Security Updates