System Alerts

This page will be updated periodically with system update or maintenance alerts. Please check back periodically. For questions, suggestions, and concerns, please don’t hesitate to email Thank you for your patience while we work through any issues you may encounter.

February 19, 2019

Update 12:20 a.m.: The issue has been resolved. All GU360 system are back to normal. If you experience any performance issues, please let us know

10:30 p.m.: All GU360 systems are down due to an outage at Salesforce. Thank you for your patience while this is being resolved. 

October 22, 2018

Got DUO?

Beginning in December 2018, DUO two-factor authentication will be required for all users logging in to GU360. If you have not already enrolled in DUO, you can enroll here.

If you need assistance, please contact

January 19, 2018

Weekend Maintenance

This weekend we will be making a number of upgrades to include fixing the syllabus deletion and upload process within GUFaculty360. You may experience some intermittent slowness. If you experience any issues, please contact

November 22, 2017

Improvements made to GUFaculty360

Dear Colleagues,
Due to some issues last week, we have been implementing a number of fixes to improve speed of the site. The first of these is a redesign to the “home page” that loads faster and allows for more streamlined searching. We are continuing to work on performance and appreciate your patience. If you have not logged in recently, you may need to clear your cache. And as a reminder, we recommend using Chrome, Safari or Firefox as your browser. If you experience problems or notice additional issues, please contact

November 16, 2017

GUFaculty360 performance issue yesterday

Dear Faculty Colleague,

We are experiencing significant slowness in GUFaculty360.  We are working with the software vendor to resolve, and have escalated the issues to the highest levels of the company.  We apologize for this inconvenience. In the future, if you experience slower than normal page loading, please report them to

September 15, 2017

GUFaculty360 Going Public

GUFaculty360 will be going public this Friday morning, September 15. If you have not yet reviewed your profile and security settings and would like to, please do so before Friday morning at 8:00 a.m. The default settings should be set to private for any information beyond your name, title, teaching and publications, but please confirm and contact us if you see issues. Unless you have requested otherwise, this information will be displayed publicly. You may come back and update your profile and privacy settings at any time.

All Explore faculty profile URLs will be redirected to their respective new GUFaculty360 profile URLs, i.e., anyone clicking on[netid] will now land on[netid]. Please change any references to Explore to the new GUFaculty360 url in the next couple of months for better search results. 

If you are a Georgetown website administrator, please note that while Explore profile URLs will be redirected, Explore photo URLs will not. Many of the faculty have already updated their photos on GUFaculty360, so it’s the perfect time to update your website to their most recent photos.