Opening a Private Window in Edge

With Edge, you can open a browser window called an InPrivate window. An InPrivate window does not retain a history of the Web sites you’ve visited, and does not store “cookies” in your browser. So there will be no record of the sites you visit in an InPrivate window. 

  1. In Edge, click on the More Actions button. 
  2. Click on New InPrivate window from the drop-down list. 

    The InPrivate window opens, and you’ll see the following on the screen: 


    You’ll also see “InPrivate” on each new tab you open in the InPrivate window (as opposed to “New tab”, which appears on a each new tab in a regular browser window): 

  3. Enter the Web address of the page you want to visit, as you normally would, and then either click on the arrow button or press Enter

Note:  When you close your InPrivate window, the regular Edge browser window will remain open.