Duo Insight FAQ

What is Duo Insight?

Duo Insight is a risk assessment service that looks for vulnerabilities in a computing network. 

Duo Insight protects computing networks by ensuring that the operating systems and other applications on computers attempting to access that network are up to date.

How does Duo Insight work?

Duo Insight helps determine a network’s risk of phishing attacks by determining which devices on the network are running old or outdated versions of operating systems, browsers, and plug-ins such as Java and Flash. (Out of date applications may not have the latest security updates, thereby increasing the risk of attack for the devices running them, as well as for the computing network.)

If Duo Insight finds a device trying to authenticate (to an application/service) on a device that has an out of date version, it will notify you to update your device or application.

I thought the computing network was protected and secure, why do we need another tool for this?

The security of the Georgetown computing network is a top priority.  We have found that many members of the GU community are running operating systems, browsers, and plug-in applications that are out of date, and therefore vulnerable to compromise and attack. Duo Insight will help identify those systems so we can ensure that the devices we are connecting to on the network are running the most up to date software.

What do the messages I’m supposed to receive look like?

Click here for information and screen examples on some of the messages you may receive from Duo Insight.

Who is affected by Duo Insight?

All members of the GU community—-students, faculty, staff, (?) affiliates, and (?) alumni—are affected by Duo Insight.

When is Duo Insight going to be implemented?


I’m worried about Duo Insight monitoring my device. Can Duo Insight see my data?

No, Duo Insight cannot see, or scan for, any individual’s data. Duo Insight can only view the applications on your devices.

What does this mean for me? What will I need to do?

You’ll need to update any application flagged by Duo Insight as being out of date.

Please note that this will be an ongoing process, so you’ll regularly need to make sure your applications and operating systems are up to date.

Do I need to install anything for Duo Insight?

You will not need to install anything for Duo Insight. You only need to install any updates for your device applications and operating systems.

I’m traveling and will be taking my computer and/or smartphone with me. How can I ensure access to my email and calendar? What if I’m blocked from accessing these GU services while I’m traveling?

If you know you’ll be traveling, we strongly recommend checking your devices for updates (and installing any updates) before you leave. (Note For university-owned computers, allow at least 1-2 weeks to update your operating system to the next major release if a technician will need to update it.)

Can I opt out of Duo Insight?

In order to ensure the safety and security of the entire GU computing network, as well of all GU online services, Duo Insight is mandatory for all members of the university community (anyone who accesses online Georgetown services). So, unfortunately, you cannot opt out of Duo Insight. We apologize for any inconvenience.  

How do I check for updates on my computer and smartphone?

Click here for steps on how to check for application and operating system updates.

Are public computers also part of Duo Insight?

Yes. Since public computers are updated regularly, they should be running the latest versions of their operating system and other applications (e.g., Web browsers).

What can I do to stop getting the messages from Duo Insight?

You should regularly (at least once a week) check your computer and mobile device for updates, and install any available updates. This will ensure that you’re running the latest versions of your operating systems, Web browsers, Duo Mobile app, and Flash and Java plug-ins.