Disposing of Old Computers

An important part of the computer replacement process is the correct disposal of the old computer. If you have your computer replaced through the Replacement Cycle Program, you can be assured that we will remove all data from your old computer’s hard drive and properly dispose of the computer. 

Computer Redepolyment Program
Many of the computers that are around 4 years old will be recycled at the University. What this means is that the computers may be redeployed into your department, into another area that may not have the funds to purchase new computers, or might be used to replace old computers in labs or student work areas. Either way, the redeployed computer will need to replace a machine that is even older than the recycled machine.

Computer Recycling Program
Computers that will not be redeployed at the University will be brought to the Facilities Recycling department or to an approved E-cycling vendor. UIS and  Facilities will ensure that the inoperable computers will be disposed of properly according to EPA regulations. For working computers, UIS or Facilities will make arrangements to donate them to a charitable organization.

Prior to Disposal
Important:  Be sure to follow these instructions before we dispose of your old computer: 

  • Back up your data prior to your computer installation. (You should do this on a regular basis anyway.) Your computer might fail when you will least expect it to.
  • Once your computer has been swapped, don’t throw away your media that you used to do your backup into the trash, instead lock it up for possible future use. If you feel that you won’t need this information again, make sure it is completely erased or destroyed.
  • Once your computer is taken away from your office area, you will not have access to your data, since we would have deleted all of your applications and data from the hard drive.
  • If you have an old computer in your office that you are interested in getting rid of, do not throw it in the dumpster. Not only is this against EPA standard of proper computer disposal, someone might find your computer and view any sensitive or important information that you may not have deleted. 
  • Once you have joined the Replacement Cycle Program, your department will be put on a regular schedule. This will enable you to have an idea of each time you are due for new computers in your department. As a result you will be able to plan accordingly and allocate the necessary funds for your budget.