About CourseEval


CoursEval is a web and mobile based evaluation tool supporting 24/7 access to both participate in surveys and analyze their results.  Delivered reporting provides aggregated, comparative and longitudinal views with the ability to drill down into the institutional structure or provide campus-wide results.  This enables CoursEval to provide insight on course effectiveness, student satisfaction and faculty performance while producing actionable intelligence for the campus community that can be used as a driver of continual improvements to a variety of curriculum, teaching and administrative initiatives:

  • Use by Faculty:
    Feedback used to edit teaching style, course materials and course structure
  • Use by Departments and Deans:
    Feedback used for decisions regarding rank, tenure, and promotion
  • Use by Students: Feedback used during pre-registration and add/drop in selecting courses and instructors in the future or for the current semester

How to Maximize Response Rates?

  • All sources indicate that the most important factor in raising response rates for online evaluations is high quality and frequent communication from instructors directly to their students. If instructors encourage, welcome, and explain their use of student feedback, the students will better understand that their contributions are important and that they make a difference.
  • Literature further indicates that the best practice for increasing response rates is to set aside time in class for survey completion, but to allow the survey to remain open for at least one week.

As an instructor at Georgetown University you can use CoursEval to receive feedback from your students.

You can access CoursEval at Georgetown University at https://eval.georgetown.edu

You can also visit the University Registrar’s web page for course evaluations and click on the “CoursEval” link.