Content Dimensions

For the Rotators, the images must be the exact width and height or they will be scaled and cropped to the exact width and height which may distort the image.

For the Single Images and Image Galleries, the height and width are just the maximum value. Images will be scaled so they are no wider that the specified width and no higher than the specified height. There is no minimum values and images can be different orientations.

For images added through the editor, the width is just a maximum value. Images will be scaled so they are no wider that the specified width. Note that they will be distorted at smaller screen sizes unless you leave out the specific height setting in the image properties.

Below are the dimensions of various content boxes. 

Top Hero Media Content

  • School Homepage Top Content

Width: 1,112px
Height: 433px

  • Single Image (recommended), Video, or Rotator

Width: 768px
Height: 433px

For Docked Text in Rotator:
Width: 535px
Height: 302px

  • Image (recommended)/Video Gallery

Width: 657px
Height: 371px

Images Inserted through Body Editor

  • 2 Column Page

Max Width: 768px
Height: Any

  • 3 Column Page – Center Column Image

Max Width: 523px
Height: Any

  • Left Callout

Width: 265px
Height: Any

  • Right Callout

Width: 216px
Height: Any

Top Tier Specific Dimensions

  • Header Image

Width: 1,138px
Height: 250px

  • Thumbnail Images

Width: 227px
Height: 148px