Starting a Meeting (Mac)

  1. In Zoom, click Start with Video.

  2. Zoom automatically starts a meeting session, as shown in the example below.

  3. In the meeting window, click Invite

  4. The Invite window is displayed. 

  5. In the Invite window, you can choose from one of the following options to invite participants:
  • Gmail.  Creates a new Gmail message with your Georgetown e-mail address in the To field) that includes the details of your meeting. Enter the e-mail address of each person you want to invite; you can also enter any Google Groups you've created (e.g., administrative department, class, study group). 
  • Copy URL.  Copies the meeting URL to the clipboard. You can then paste the URL into an e-mail message, chat, text message, etc. 
  • Copy Invitation.  Copies the entire text of your invitation, with all meeting details, to the clipboard, that you can paste into an e-mail message, chat, text message, etc.