Data Storage

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Great News!  

Our CIO recently met with the CEO of Box and was able to secure a revised licensing arrangement at no additional cost. Box has agreed to increase the annual storage cap and has reduced the price of overages such that Box remains a cost effective option to support storage of Protected Health Information and sensitive data for the foreseeable future. 

This is good news in many ways, and it provides time and an opportunity to develop a more thoughtful storage/content management strategy leveraging the various platforms we have available to us, including Box and Google Drive.

We still encourage you to delete non-essential files that are no longer in use, and request you consider using Google Drive for sharing administrative, non-sensitive data. There is no immediate need to migrate data out of box, particularly not sensitive research and academic data. 

If you would like to start migrating your non-sensitive data early, please do not attempt to migrate large amounts of data on your own as this could lead to data loss and there are known limitations with any cloud storage provider.

Instead, please sign up to be an Early Migration Adopter!

If you’re interested in signing up to have your Box data migrated to a different platform please fill out our Early Adopter Signup Form.

Do I still have to move my data from Box? 

Box has changed our licensing terms and there is no longer an immediate need to move any of your data, particularly not sensitive or PHI data

What Changed?

In response to the concerns of all higher education institutions, Box responded by making some engineering changes to reduce the price of storage.  

Why Do We Need a New Storage Strategy?  Can we Keep Everything in Box?

While we have plenty of storage, we have to be careful to store files in accordance with our data classification guidelines. Currently, Box is our approved storage platform for HIPAA data. UIS is performing an assessment to examine our current Box usage and develop a strategy to successfully migrate administrative and non-sensitive data to other platforms to ensure we are efficiently leveraging all options and are not faced with another situation where we will need to migrate all our data in future.  

If you are a heavy user of Box or have unique use cases, please fill out the Box Assessment Questionnaire to let us know how you or your department use Box. We’ll review your information to help determine whether there might be better options for your long term storage needs. 

Getting Help

If you have any questions about the migration, you can contact us at