Blackboard Learn

Blackboard is no longer available to faculty, staff and students.

Blackboard courses and content from Summer 2014 through Fall 2019 have been automatically transferred into Canvas for faculty only. Faculty can find their transferred courses and content in the Courses > All Courses menu (via the Canvas global navigation menu) specifically under the Past Enrollments section.

All transferred courses will have a “Bb-” prefix in the course name and course ID (e.g. Bb-Intro to English / BB-ENGL-100-01.Fall2019). Additionally, transferred courses will have the word “Migrated” in the Term column. Note, these transferred courses will not be exact duplicates of the original Blackboard courses. Blackboard course content like files, items, and announcements will be transferred; but gradebook items, student-submitted work, and peer interactions will not.

If you need Blackboard course archives that include student material faculty can request that information. For more information on what Blackboard course content does (and does not) transfer into Canvas can be found on the Moving from Blackboard to Canvas Guide.

Things to note:

  • The UIS Educational Technologies team has kept full Blackboard course archives, including student material, that may be accessed by individual faculty request.
  • Blackboard courses before Summer 2014 will not be transferred into Canvas. 
  • Blackboard courses must have course material in order to qualify for the automatic transfer into Canvas.
  • Student enrollments are excluded from transferred courses.

Students: Generally, it is up to individual faculty members to decide whether they would like to make any past course material available to their students or not. For this reason, we would advise you to contact your instructor directly to request access to past course material. You can find your instructor’s contact information by contacting the relevant school or department at Georgetown University or by searching in the GU online directory.