Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest edition of the Microsoft Windows operating system. It combines features from both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, so if you’ve used either one you’ll have some familiarity with Windows 10. 

Intro to Windows 10

  • Working with the Start Menu
  • File Explorer at a Glance
  • File Explorer Features

Using (Working with) Your Computer with Windows 10

  • Locking and Unlocking Your Computer
  • Shutting Down Your Computer
  • Restarting Your Computer

Files and Folders

  • Working with File Explorer
  • Accessing Your Files and Folders
  • Navigating (Moving) Between Folders
  • Changing a Program Associated with a File Type
  • Restoring a Previoiusly Deleted File or Folder 
  • Changing How Your Files and Folders are Displayed (Display Options)

(?) Maintanence

  • Freeing up Storage Space
  • Permanently Deleting a File or Folder

Network Resources (Connecting to the Internet and External Devices)

  • Connecting to SaxaNet
  • Connecting to a Network Drive
  • Setting up a Network Printer
  • Connecting Devices to Your Computer (mic, speakers, external drive)
  • (?) Disconnecting a Device from your Computer

Working with Programs

  • Uninstalling a Program
  • Changing a Program Associated with a File Type

Secure Computing

  • Protecting Your Computer from Malicioius Programs

Tips and Tricks

  • Working with Open Windows
  • Searching for Items on Your Computer
  • Creating a Shortcut for an Item
  • Creating a Shortcut to a Folder