WiFi Network Upgrade: Building Schedule

Georgetown University and Verizon logos side-by-side with a circuitboard background


WiFi and Network Upgrade

Buildings that will be cut over in Phase 1:

Pre-Clinical Sciences Completed
3307 M St. Completed
Alumni Square Completed
Basic Science Completed
Hariri Completed
New North Completed
Old North Completed
ICC Completed

Buildings that will be cut over in Phase 2:

Observatory Completed
Ecology Lab Completed
Walsh Completed
Henle Village 6/26/19 (Phase 1)-Completed
7/31/19 (Phase 2)-Completed
LXR Completed
Copley Completed
Harbin TBD
Darnall Completed
New South Completed
Southwest Quad Completed
Village C TBD
Village A TBD
Nevils TBD
New Research Building Completed
Building D Completed
Med-Dent Completed
Lombardi TBD

Buildings that will be cut over in Phase 3:

St. Mary’s Hall Completed
Alumni House Completed
Leavey Center Completed
Car Barn TBD
McDonough Gym TBD
Mortara TBD
Lauinger TBD
Regents Hall Completed
Yates 3/17/20
White Gravenor TBD
Davis TBD
Healy Hall/Gaston Hall TBD
2115 Wisconsin Ave. TBD
Harris Deferred
Poulton TBD
2121 Wisconsin Ave. TBD
Maguire TBD
Gervase Completed
Reiss Science Completed
Kehoe Soccer Field TBD
North Gate House TBD
South Gate House TBD
1000 New Jersey Ave. TBD
1236 36th St. TBD
1300 35th St. TBD
1420 36th St. TBD
1825 Connecticut Ave. TBD
2300 Wisconsin Ave. TBD
3605 O St. TBD
3619 O St. TBD
Dahlgren Chapel TBD
Flour Mill TBD
Ft. Lincoln TBD
1316 36th St. TBD
Cooper Field TBD
Newman Bookstore TBD