Moving from Blackboard to Canvas

Decide what to migrate

Exporting content from Blackboard includes: 

  • Announcements
  • Assignments created using the Assignment tool in Blackboard, if they are put in one folder in your course (also must migrate Gradebook items and settings)
  • Quizzes and question banks (Quizzes will still need to be published, and there are a few question types in Blackboard that don't exist in Canvas.)
  • Discussion forums (without threads)
  • Course Files

What will not migrate (or migrate well):  

  • Blackboard Blogs, Journals, and Wikis (click here for help) 
  • Groups
  • Manually created columns in the Grade Center
  • Grade weighting in the Grade Center
  • Blackboard menu and content areas
  • SCORM content 

What are my options?

Rebuild your course in Canvas, copying and pasting content between the two shells and uploading files as needed.

If you only want to import files, we recommend that upload them using the "Files" feature in Canvas.

Migrate just the content and activities that tend to migrate well from Blackboard to Canvas, rebuilding the elements within Canvas that were not migrated.

Migrate all course content if you feel it would be easier to do extensive clean-up of your Canvas course than recreate a lot of content and activities in your Canvas course shell.