Georgetown has recently switched to Localist as its platform for departmental calendars.  You can access this calendar system at  Below you will find various topics on how to use this system and how to also use it on your website.

For a complete guide to adding and managing events in the system, please read the Events Calendar User Guide.


Requesting an Account

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Login” link near top right corner of screen. 

  3.  Enter your NetID and password. 
  4.  Contact the Web Services team at and ask for event creation/tagging privileges. Be sure to include what Department you are working for in your email.

Creating/Tagging Events

  1. Once logged in to Localist, click the “Admin” link in the spot where “Login” was previously located (i.e. the top right corner of the screen). 
  2. In the top right corner of the screen, hover over the “Events” tab and select “+Add Events.” 

  3.  Fill out the Event form accordingly. If you later choose to add a feed to your site from Localist (next section), the “Name,” “Start Date,” and “Event Place” fields will appear for each event. 

ºTo add this event to your department’s calendar, we will need to tag it. This is done in the “Department” dropdown about halfway down the form. If you do not tag this event as your Department’s, it will not appear in your calendar. 

  4.  Click “Save Changes” to create the event.

Adding a Calendar Feed to your Website

Note: This section only applies to websites in Drupal. If your site is in Fatwire, please send an email to with your Department name in Localist and someone will set up your calendar feed for you.

  1. The first thing you will need is your Calendar ID, which will be used in a few steps when we input your feed settings/URLs. To find this, log in to Localist at, and find your department under the “Departments” section on the right side of the screen. Click your department. 

  2.  Now, look in the URL bar of your browser. Your Department ID will be the five-digit number at the end of this URL. Write this  number down or save it in a text editor. 
  3.  Log into your Drupal site 
  4.  Find the page to which you’d like to add a calendar and edit it. 
  5.  In either the right or left callout field (under the Additional Content Areas tab) or in the primary or secondary body field (under the Main Content Area tab), click the Source button in the editor toolbar. Copy and paste the following code:

<h2>Upcoming <a href="[]=DEPT-ID">Events</a></h2>
<script type="text/javascript"
<div class="module_more_link"><a href="[]=DEPT-ID ">More</a></div>


  6. Finally, take your Department ID number found in Step 2 and replace DEPT-ID with this number in each of the settings above. 
  7. Publish and save the page.

Additional Resources

For additional documentation from Localist, visit this page.