Video Gallery

To add a single video or multiple videos to a page:

1. Under Top Hero Media Content, select Video(s) in the drop-down menu.

2. Click the green button next to the Videos bar that appears. This will bring you to the "Create Video Asset" page. If you already have a video uploaded, you may type the name of the video file into the Input Field. 

3. On this page, enter a title. After doing so, paste the URL of your video into the Video URL section. 


URLs should use the following formats, also specified beneath the text box in the form:

  • vimeo: //[video-id]  
  • youtube: //[video-id]
    • This is NOT the entire URL in the URL field on your browser. You need to get the video-ID from the URL field (typically the video ID is everything after the "=") and add it to // to get  the video to play.
  • ustream (live stream): //[video-id]
  • ustream (recorded video): //[video-id]

The video URL should be protocolless - // rather than http:// or https://.  This will allow it to play when viewed over http or https.

If you're using Ustream, please note that you need to use a different URL depending on whether your video is live or recorded. For a live event, you'll need to use the live stream URL as shown below and then update the URL here to use the recorded video URL format.

Screenshot of inserting a video in the Drupal admin

4. You have the option to choose a Thumbnail. If you have a video gallery (that is, if you add more than one video), the thumbnail for each video will appear below the video that is currently playing.

  • To add Thumbnails: Click on the Select button under the Thumbnail section. A pop-up will appear. From here, upload an image. (Note: Image must be smaller than 512 bytes)

5. Repeat steps 4-6 to add multiple videos. These videos will automatically be placed into a gallery.
6. You will be brought back to "Create General Page". Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and select Save.