Adding a Twitter Feed

To publish a Twitter feed like this that will update automatically on your site:

    1. Go to Log in to Twitter.

    2. You will see a page that says “create and manage your widgets.” Click the Create New button and select "Profile". 

     3. Enter the URL of the Twitter feed you'd like to embed.

     4. Choose what you'd like to display. Select "Embedded Timeline" to display a timeline.

    5. You can now customize your display options if desired. Then click "Copy Code."

      6. Go to your website in Drupal. On the page you want the Twitter feed to appear on, click New Draft.

      7. Go to the field where you would like your Twitter feed displayed. Feeds are most often placed in the left or right hand side of the page. The example used here is Left Callout, but it is not required to put the feed in the Left Callout field.

      8. In the Editor Toolbar, click the Source button. Paste the code that you copied from Twitter.

   9. Publish and save.