Remove a Navigation Item

There are two ways to remove a navigation item in Drupal. One is from within the Page Editor itself, while the other is within the Local Site Menu links under Structure.

Within Menu Settings in the Page Editor
Within the page you want to remove from navigation, uncheck "Provide a menu link" under the Menu Settings tab. Select Published under Publish Options and click Save.

Within the Local Site Menu

  1. In the left navigation, click on Administration and then click on the Structure tab. Only Content Publishers have access to the Structure option under Administration.  
  2. Within Structure, click on Menus. A box with the Local Site Menu will appear on the page. 
  3. Under the Operations section, click list links
  4. Next you’ll see a page that lists all pages in your site’s menu. Under the operations column next to the page that you want to remove from the navigation, click Delete.
  5. Click Save configuration at the bottom of the list of menu links.