Remove Spacing Between Lines

How to get rid of that pesky double spacing

First thing that might be helpful to know is that every time you hit the Enter button when you're editing, Drupal will start a new paragraph (as opposed to simply a new line). That's the reason for the extra spacing — i.e., it is adding a space between paragraphs.

To remove the spacing:

1. Go to the page you want to edit. Click New Draft.

2. Go to the Primary Body section and click the Source button.

3. Notice that Drupal currently has paragraph tags (<p> and </p>) between lines.

4. Delete the </p> tag from the end of the first line. Replace it with a <br> tag. Then go to the beginning of the next line and delete the <p> so that Drupal does not start a new paragraph. Example below:

5. Save the page.