Making a News/Announcements Feed

*Creating a news feed requires you to have a list page (i.e., a news archive) on your site. If you have not created this page yet, please visit the Tag Based List documentation for instructions. 

  1. Go to the general page from which you could like to create the RSS feed. In nearly all cases, this is a general page that is using a Tag Based List.
  2. In the upper right hand corner, there is a button that says “RSS FEED.” Copy the URL for the RSS feed, either by right clicking on the button and selecting Copy Link Address or by clicking the button and copying the URL that appears in the new window.

 3. Go back to the page that you want to add the news feed to. If you want to add the feed to the right side, click Right Syndicated Content. If you want to add the feed to the center area of the page, click Main Syndicated Content.  
 4. Add a title in the Block Header HTML field. Make sure to surround it by a heading tag, for example, use "<h2>Announcements</h2>".

 5. Under Type, select RSS. 

 6.  In the URL field, paste the URL of the RSS feed (from step 2).  Make sure the URL contains https rather than http.
 7. Enter the number of items you would like to be displayed in the feed.

NOTE: In the page where the RSS feed is generated (i.e. the general page from steps 1-2), there is a field under the Tagged Based List section that determines the maximum amount of items that can appear in the RSS feed. If you would like for your Syndicated Feed to show more than 5 items (the default value), you'll need to edit this page and increase the number of items that can appear in the RSS feed (see step #7 here).

8. OPTIONAL: You have the option of creating a button at the bottom of Announcements that will link to you news archive. To do this, copy and paste this code into “Block Footer HTML,” making sure to replace the highlighted portion with the archive’s URL.

  • <div class="module_more_link"><a href="PAGE’S URL/">View More</a></div>     - OR -
  • <div class="module_more_link"><a href="/URL alias/">View More</a></div>

 9. Publish and save while also refreshing the syndicated content feed