Help and FAQs for Drupal

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Why aren't my changes showing on the site?

  • It is often easy to forget to publish a page after editing it, and this is required for any changes to show.  To make sure you have published your changes, go to the page and select the Moderate button in the top right corner.

  • If the most recent (top) version is red, you still need to publish the page. You can do this on the same screen by changing the "Set Moderation State" dropdown to "Published" and then clicking Apply. If it is green (like in the image below), you have published the page, and may see below for other potential issues regarding publication of content.

  • Published content may not appear right away due to caching issues, but should show up on your live site within 45 minutes of publishing it. If your content does not appear within this timeframe, contact to resolve the issue.


How do I change the title of an item in my site's navigation?

  • For the site's navigation, Drupal pulls information from the Menu link title field within the Menu settings tab of a general page. Open the page with the navigation title you'd like to change, open the Menu settings tab and edit the field titled "Menu link title." Then make sure the page is marked "Published" under Publish options and click Save.

How do I make changes to the site footer?

Changes to the site footer can only be done by UIS Web Services. Please email the Web Services team with details of the change you want to make.


How do I change the fonts?

Fonts used in the site header, the navigation, headings, and media items are part of the template and cannot be changed. There are several options to choose from for a heading, however. To see the options, visit the headings page.


How do I change the margins of an image in a text field?

To edit the margins and borders of an image in a text field (not in top or bottom hero media content), right click on the image in the text editor and then select "Image Properties."

This will bring up a window that allows you to edit the image's border and margins.

The Border field enables you to specify how wide the image's border should appear, in pixels. The HSpace and VSpace fields enable you to specify the width of the image's horizontal and vertical margins, respectively, also in pixels.


How do I create a news or announcements feed for my homepage?

To add a news or announcements feed for your homepage, you should use a syndicated content section with a tag-based list. First, choose whether you would like to use the main, left, or right syndicated content section, and first set up your tag-based list (instructions here).

After you've created a tag-based list, navigate to the top of the page with the list - there will be an RSS feed icon in the top right corner.

Clicking on the link will take you to the RSS feed. All that you need from this page is the URL. Copy and paste this into the syndicated content section on your homepage where you would like the feed to show up.

After you set up the rest of the feed, click on the "Refresh syndicated content upon save" box before publishing - this will ensure your new content appears.