Add Quicklinks, Callouts and Related Content (Additional Content Areas)

Add links and content to the left and right rails of your site's pages using Drupal's Additional Content Areas tab. These links will be specific to individual pages. (Global links or callouts that should appear on every page of your site are added through other modules.)

Left Quicklinks

Use this tab to add a list of page-specific links to the left column of your page.

  1. In the Block Title field, add a title for this list of Quicklinks.
  2. In the Quicklinks box, search for pages in your site that you want to link.
  3. Click Add another item to add additional links.
  4. To change the position of links in the list, click on the directional icon next to the link you want to move. This action should highlight the row. Then drag and drop the item to the desired location.
  5. Select Published under Publishing Options and click Save to see the new module in the left rail.

Left and Right Callout

These areas of the site allow you to add information or graphics using a WYSIWYG text editor.

Right Related Content

This tab allows you to provide a header, links to related content and a footer and will appear in the right rail of your page.